Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mermaids and Neck braces

I hope you are sitting down, because I have a MAJOR announcement!

I am NOT a mermaid. (You are totally shocked, aren't you?)

Nor do I believe I ever was one in a previous life. (If I had previous lives)

Yesterday morning's goal was to see how many laps I could swim in 10 minutes. I did make some progress - I only had to give myself a 60 second pep talk this time before I dove under the water - but mostly it was just embarrassing. Especially when my second worst nightmare came true - not just one, but two people showed up to swim once I was already in the water. The good thing about that is for all they knew I had been swimming laps for hours instead of minutes. Pacing has come fairly natural to me in running, but with swimming it is another story. I think once I figure that out I'll be ready to try out for the Olympics!

After my 10 minutes was up I stayed in the water for some victory laps. Then I was off to shower and get ready for work.

Last night was a long night. Ambulance, stretcher, neck brace, Children's hospital. Ugh, I could just feel the germs leaping on me in the waiting room at Childrens. Luckily it appears she is ok and only needs to wear a hard neck collar for a week - 24 hours a day. Thank you to my dad for picking her sister and I up and taking us home so their mom could have the van and we were only there a few hours instead of all night!

Tonight's running may be altered to become an indoor brick run. At least that's the plan.

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