Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decisons, Decisions, Decisions

My running buddy Ben is back - and we were finally able to coordinate our schedules for a run today. It was about 60 degrees warmer today than the last time we ran together and we dodged geese with babies instead of dodging ice patches and snow covered sidewalks.

I created a training plan with Smart Coach from Runner's World and am trying my best to follow it. Although sometimes I declare myself smarter than Smart Coach and I do want I want! :)  For instance today was an easy run day and it told me my pace should be 10:06 for 4 miles. That is entirely too slow for me for that distance. So I opted for 8:50ish pace. Sometimes we were closer to 8:10 and once or twice we hit 9:00. We ran a route from work that I haven't done in a while and we ended up missing our turn and creating a new route. It was a nice route and I wouldn't mind doing it again - if we can remember how we got there in the first place!

The other problem with this plan is I am not exactly sure what I am training for yet. Hopefully a fall marathon will be nailed down in the next few weeks. I'm still taking suggestions...

I was going to do a duathlon this weekend, but we are celebrating my friend's birthday the night before and I'm not sure I want to commit to a 5:00 a.m. morning the day after a birthday celebration. Maybe I'll create my own. I'm thinking the next tri will be in July, but maybe a little sooner. Too many decisions to make!

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