Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun With Numbers

Ames, this one is for you!

My gym offers a Fit Point test free as often as you want to take it. I like free things - so I made an appointment for this evening and went for it!

First I sat down with the trainer and talked about my goals - mainly qualifying for Boston and improving my triathlon times and distance.

Then I took a series of tests - cardiovascular (VO2 max), strength, flexibility and body composition.

They give you a graphical print out that shows where you rank. I'm taking a deeeeeeep breath then posting my numbers in hopes it will help hold me accountable to improving them. However, I am skipping over weight as I don't think that is really one of the important numbers here.

Max VO2 = 35.1 (moderate) Ideally I want to get to Very good which is 43-46
Bicep Strength = 39 (average) Ideally I want to get to Excellent which is above 73
Sit and Reach = 8.9 (Poor) Embarrassing, but not surprising. My goal is to hit average
Body Composition = 22.9 Ideally I want to get to 19
Overall Fitness = 64 (Good) My goal is to hit Excellent which is 81-100

I like that this is personal to my goals. If I just wanted to be an average healthy, fit person, my goals and ideal numbers would be different. 

My favorite part of the test results, most likely due to my obsession love of the Biggest Loser is that it tells you your Body Age. Mine is 30. That made me laugh. It also gives you your Obtainable Age which is 21 for me.  Hopefully in a few months time I'll be 21 again!

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