Saturday, May 14, 2011

Double Digits

Today was my first long run since the marathon. With the possibility of a sooner than later marathon it was necessary to get a longish run in. So, 10 miles it was - in the middle of a rainy Saturday afternoon. I typically don't like running in the afternoon, but it felt amazing today. And I managed to barely get rained on. That's quite a feat these days in the Midwest.

I realized this week I add "ish" to quite a few words. I think this makes me right 100% of the time. I like that.

On my run I realized it was the first run I had really pushed myself on in quite some time. It was the first time I felt like I was running "fast" - with the exception of the run part of the tri, but honestly I couldn't feel my legs for half of that to really know if it felt fast or not. I was reminded why I like running by myself sometimes. Although I do love my running buddies too. There must be a balance somewhere...

I ran from my place, to the lake, around the lake twice, a short circle through my friend's neighborhood, then back home and around my complex twice to hit 10 miles. The humidity is not as high as it was earlier this week, and thankfully the temp is not almost 90 either, but it was pretty warm and I would not be surprised if my face is still red 2 hours from now.

Tomorrow I have a group fitness class marathon planned. Then a nap.

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