Saturday, May 28, 2011

Track Work Out Thursday

I am really attempting to train correctly for whatever fall marathon I decide to grace with my presence, so that means speed work once a week!
Thursday night I was heading to the track - it was clear and gorgeous even though the fine weathermen had forecasted a good chance of storms all afternoon. I was at an intersection where I could turn right for the track or left for the gym and I saw it - lightening!
I was so mad, but then realized I had forgotten my Garmin anyway. It's slightly difficult to do mile repeats at a certain pace without a watch, so off to the gym I went.

I despise the treadmill. I don't think it really likes me either. But we attempted to make up, and I went for it.

My workout:
1 mile warm up
3 x 1600 (mile) at 8:03 pace with 800 (half mile) recovery in between
1 mile cool down

I did my warm up at 9:00 pace then my first mile repeat at 8:00. This is when I realized I just did a 5k at a 7:30 pace, so what kind of speed work out is this? I tried to stick to the plan.

But I got bored.

I ended up doing the second mile repeat around 7:50 and the third just under 7:30. The cool down was super boring for me so I finished the last half mile at a 6:30 pace. It wasn't much of a cool down, but at least I finished sooner than I would have if I had followed the plan.  It wasn't an easy work out, but not really the type of work out I had hoped for it to be either. But at least I did it!
Sorry for the horribly blurry pic, that is what happens when I take a picture with my phone after being on a treadmill. And I still feel like I am on the treadmill. I was happy with completing 6 miles, although despite this photographic evidence, it took me longer than 35 seconds. I think it was around 51 minutes in reality.

This morning I woke up extremely dizzy so I decided to do my run tomorrow morning instead. I did make it to barbell class this morning. Six. Minutes. Lunges. My lower half might fall off at some point during the day today!

Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!

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