Sunday, June 12, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

We look a little better here than after the Warrior Dash, huh?
After having a wonderful time at a beautiful wedding Friday night I got my booty out of bed bright and early to run with my running group. It was my first run with them since the Derby Marathon, and it felt great to finally be back. I got to catch up with friends and share our new goals for the fall marathon season.

Of course it was absolutely pouring. Thankfully it stopped at some point, I'm not even really sure when, maybe 3-4 miles in? Once you are wet you don't even really notice it anymore so it's hard to remember. I was only planning on doing 6.5 miles since we'd been out later and it stormed in the middle of the night so Sidney kept me up for quite a while...but somehow I ended up doing 9.5 instead. This is one reason I love the running group - incentive and motivation to do more and push yourself. I did start out slower with a friend, but she turned back and mile 3 or 4 then I ended up with some other friends. I eventually ended my run with new people and much faster than I had anticipated. I am very happy that I have continued to push myself and not let people hold me back. I hope I can keep that up!

This morning was absolutely gorgeous and Marc and I headed up for a bike ride. We rode from our place to Loveland, picked up the trail for a bit, then took the roads back to our place. Coming home from Loveland was HILLY! I was never so happy to see Montgomery Road. We ended up at 24.25 miles, which is the farthest Marc has ever ridden!

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