Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Before Warrior Dash
I've been slacking with my blog posts, I apologize.

Thursday night Ben and I had a great tempo run. It was only 82 on Thursday - about 15 degrees cooler than it had been for our run on Tuesday.We were supposed to do 6, but he was worried about the speed at that distance, so we only did 5. However, we ran much faster than Not-so-smart Coach told us too, so I think that made up for the lost mile. I may have to re-run the training program for us since I am not liking the paces too much.

Sunday was the Warrior Dash. Marc and I headed up and over to Logan, OH to participate. It was our first race together in a few years! It was an all day adventure since Logan is a little over 2 hours away and you have to arrive at least an hour before your wave. We were in the 5:00 wave.

The race was actually harder than I thought it would be. I think this is for a few reasons:

1. I underestimated how much to eat on the way to Logan and by the time we were in the start corral my blood sugar had dropped and I was a little woozy

2. It was very HOT. In the 90s and humid. Thankfully it was overcast so while waiting to start in the big field we were in direct sun and the course was mostly in the woods so it was shaded.
3. HILLS. Straight up. Covered in mud. HILLS. And of course what goes up, must come down. Marc really didn't like me on one of these hills. He got over it though!

I took my time through most of it. Since this was just a silly, fun race I didn't want to risk getting hurt on any of the obstacles or in any of the mudslides.

Here are the obstacles that I can remember:
Car junk yard
Tires on the ground
Swinging tires (the Wii prepared me very well for this one)
Chest high (and higher) water with logs to swim over
Cargo net wall
Wooden wall
Cargo net parallel to the ground
Wading through a creek
Tunnel - this was the worst because you were crawling on sharp rocks
Mud pit with barbed wire over it
Fire pits
After Warrior Dash
I promise to post a pic with the viking hat soon!

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