Monday, June 13, 2011

Pet Peeves

Having done a few races with a lot of newbies in them recently, I'd like to share my list of pet peeves. It's not long, but I think other runners would share the same ones. So hopefully this will help cut down on newbies partaking in the following activities in the future.

1. Wearing your bib number on your back. It goes on the FRONT. Plain and simple. Race officials and photographers need it on the front. Plus you look silly with it on your back.
2. Wearing your race shirt to participate in the race. I feel the same way about concert shirts. Don't do it. Everyone will make fun of you.
3. Walkers waking 3, 4, 5, or more people across. This is especially irritating when there is a shorter and longer race that meet back up and the walkers of the shorter race get in the way of the runners of the longer race. Please be respectful.
4. Ipods. I know people love them. I can't stand running with one. If you insist on using yours, make sure you can hear people and cars. I've seen someone come close to getting hit during a race because she was listening to her ipod. True story.

I feel like I've made the world a better place now! Do you have any race or running pet peeves?

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  1. You HAVE made the world a better place, no doubt about that. My biggest pet peeve, and this might be a very English thing, are workers, cyclists, any type of dude, hooting and hollering as you're running past. When you're hot and sweaty it's a) not flattering b) it makes me lose my rythm cuz I get irritated (unless I'm in a particularly good mood and then I can laugh it off) and c) they'd never do that if they saw you/me/a woman walking past in the street so why does it make it ok if I'm running??? Seriously?! I've been working on a come back like 'C'mon you jerk, get off your fat a$* and try to keep up...' Dunno, but it really, really bugs me!!! ;) xx