Monday, June 27, 2011

Decision Time

Wow, this weekend FLEW by!

8 mile run Satuday morning and a fabulous Barbell class Sunday morning. Laying by the pool, dinners with friends, book club, shopping...and of course the weekend cleaning and laundry. No wonder it flew by!

Now it's time to vote: Should I do the Fit to Fight Triathlon the day after I get back from vacation? I have to decide this week!


  1. Girllll you are so nuts, haha! I would be too exhausted from vacay to do such a crazy thing. But if I know anyone that could do it, it would be you!

  2. I'm gonna be evil and say NO! Don't do it. You're allowed a rest and, as my great friend Bethany Crosby once told me, rest is important to your training. So why go and 'ruin' a week's holiday right away? Give yourself some proper time off and then slowly start back into your training within your first couple of weeks back. It's not like that's the only thing you got planned this summer, right?!