Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday at the Track

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According to Smart Coach, this entire week was supposed to be easy runs. Boring!

So I pulled one of my favorite speed workouts out and convinced Ben to join me for it.

Yasso 800s. Basically you run 800 meter repeats in the minutes and seconds of the time in hours and minutes you want to finish your marathon in. For example, if you want to do a 4:05 marathon, you run each 800 in 4 minutes and 5 seconds. You work your way up to doing 10 of these in one workout. Between each 800 you do a 400 meter recovery jog. We ran a half mile warm up and a 3/4 mile cool down. It was cooler last night - low 90s instead of upper - but the track was HOT!  Poor Ben's feet in his vibrams could feel the heat of the track through his "shoes".

It felt great to be on the track again. I was allowed to run in the inner lanes this time too :)  Erin and Carter used to make me run out in lane 6 or 7 when I did track work outs with them. It was only so we could run the same pace, but it made for a lot of laughs.

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