Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Eve Recap

Last weekend feels like hours ago and weeks ago all at the same time.
I knew it would fly by, but I had no idea just how quickly!

The next time I would see our house I would be a married lady!
 We headed down to Red River Gorge on Thursday around lunchtime.
Of course we had a few errands to do on the way, but we arrived at the cabin around 3:30 or 4.

Horrible attempt at a selfie at a red light.
Once we got unpacked at the cabin, we had to repack the car with some celebration items to take to my family's cabin. And by celebration items I mostly mean wine.

A few of the bottles...
 I had family in from Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Ohio and Kentucky for the wedding - and they all stayed in the same cabin! It was so nice to be able to go to one place and hang out with all of them.

We had a lovely dinner and evening with them and of course I forgot to take pictures.
I was trying to live in the moment and take it all in instead!

Tomorrow: The Wedding Day!

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