Thursday, June 6, 2013

Race Recap: Sugarcreek 5 Mile Trail Run

Wednesday: 5 mile trail run

I knew I would need some motivation to get back to a running routine after the wedding, and boy was I right! I am so glad that I had made plans with Jen to meet up last night for a trail race. This was super exciting for 3 reasons: I got to spend time with Jen, I got to do my 2nd trail race and it was national running day - what a great way to celebrate!

Oh yeah, it was also my first race with my new last name!!!!!

I joined the Ohio River Road Runners Club yesterday (they put on the Sugarcreek 5 Mile Trail Run). It's only $25 for the year and that gets you entry into almost all of their 30 events throughout the year! What a deal!

I had to show my registration email since my card is being mailed to me at the registration table - I wrote my name on a clipboard, signed it and they gave me a chip - no bibs for this race. 
It was super easy and fast.
They definitely know what they are doing!

I was a little nervous for the trails. I have a HUGE fear of falling and injuring myself.
Most of the path was fairly wide.
There were also a few sections that were very steep - some it was steps.
We crossed a few creeks (or the same creek multiple times?).
I was impressed with the course - it had a lot of variety and it was very pretty!

Thankfully the ground was mostly dry so keeping my footing was not really an issue.

Jen and I got to get a run in and catch up at the same time - can't beat that!

We also crossed the finish line at the same time, making us co-award winners in our age group!
We're not sure if it's 2nd or 3rd place, my guess is 3rd.

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