Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Wedding Day

First of all, Happy National Running Day!

This blog will be back to its boring normal workout self soon, I promise!

Our wedding day began with breakfast at my family's cabin. We always joke that when we get together we are planning the next meal while eating the current one - and if there is one thing we they do almost as well as eat, it's cook!

After breakfast a few of us went for a hike. We wanted to keep it fairly easy since we didn't have a ton of time and didn't want to wear ourselves out completely.

How about climbing a few steps?

Swinging bridges are fun!
There were quite a few more stairs than we expected!
We still had a good time though.

We happened upon this cave and rested for a few minutes to cool off. It was easily 10-15 degrees cooler down in the cave than outside.

My sister and I dress alike often - and not on purpose.

Once we hit Balancing Rock, we decided to turn back around. We were hoping for a little bit of rest time between lunch and going to my hair and make up appointment.

Then it was time to get hitched!

It honestly could not have been a more perfect day.
The weather was gorgeous (pouring rain was just 20 minutes north of us).
Everything went surprisingly smoothly.

My mom and sister helped me get ready and did a little pre wedding photo shoot for us. They captured the prep and the moment when K saw me for the first time.

Why yes, those ARE Liverpool FC socks.
And yes, I surprised him with them a few weeks ago!

We met our photographer on Sky Bridge for photos before the wedding then headed to the overlook for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful - the lighting was amazing as the sun was setting in front of us and streaming through the trees.

And then we became Mr. & Mrs.!
I can't stop looking at the pictures - and we don't even have the photographer's pics yet.
I wish I could live the day over and over. It was amazing.

Sorry for the longest post ever!


  1. This sounds perfect! Congratulations again!