Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano, Rainforest & Hot Spings!

Monday: 2.1 mile dog walk
Tuesday a.m.: Squat challenge

There's been a lot of excitement lately in the RunnerB household which has made it quite difficult to get back into a routine. I am trying though!

To help kickstart getting back to my routine I decided to give the 30 Day Squat Challenge another try.

 I did fairly well with this my last go round, but stopped right before the Flying Pig events to make sure my legs were ready to race.
So hopefully I make it through all 30 days this time!

Our first full day in Costa Rica we decided to do an all day excursion to Arenal Volcano, the rainforest and the hot springs. We really wanted to experience the country so we thought this excursion would help us do quite a bit of that all at once.

The day started out beautifully with an incredible blue sky. We made a few stops on the way (a 3 hour drive).  We took a boat across Lake Arenal to get better views of the volcano.
As we got closer to the volcano it started to cloud over.

Once we crossed the lake, the bus took us to the top of a trail in the rainforest so we could hike down. And trust me, they don't call it a rainforest for nothing!
At least we got the full RAINforest experience!

Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of pictures in the rainforest because of the rain. Lesson learned - purchase waterproof point and shoot camera - it would have come in handy quite bit on this trip!

After the rainforest we went to the Titoku Hot Springs.
This places was gorgeous! The gardens surrounding it were unreal.

I only took one picture because it started raining again after I was in dry clothes and I didn't want to get wet or risk hurting my camera.

There were 8 different pools and they ranged in heat - the top pool is the hottest and they get cooler as you go down. Of course there is a full service bar too!

After the hot springs we went to another resort for dinner before the long drive back.
It was a long day, but well worth it. We got to see so much of this beautiful country in one shot!

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