Wednesday, September 5, 2012

West Virgina, Here We Come!

It's official! 2012 will not come and go without me doing a marathon (if all goes well of course)

Phew! I was worried about that for a while.

After every PR (best time, furthest distance run, etc.) you get a treat, right? Well, The Boyfriend ran 11.5 miles on Saturday (in super humid weather) so he deserved a treat. 

So I registered him for another half marathon!

I think I win Girlfriend of the Year for that one! Don't worry, we also went to Coldstone for an ice cream treat!

That's right, The Boyfriend and I will be traveling to West Virginia to take on another race. I'll be running 26.2 and he'll be running 13.1. I'll get to check off another state!

There are several great things about this race:
1. The medal is pretty cool (I have a strange affection for buffalo)

2. They honor the victims of the plane crash in 1970 with flowers carried by the runners for 200 yards then  placed in a basket at the memorial fountain. *The Boyfriend's father was good friends with one of the victims. There's a rumor The Boyfriend may run the half in his jersey.

3. The marathoners get a Brooks running jacket yes I still run for the accessories!

4. You can carry a football the last 100 yards of the race in the football stadium

5. Some of my most favorite people will be there too!

I am excited and nervous to get another 26.2 under my belt. I know this won't be a PR, but it will be good to get my mileage up and prepare myself for the spring marathon season!


  1. I am so jealous! I'd love to do that one (only for the jacket and medal of course!). ;)

  2. I know that you really only have one favorite person that will be there and you just didn't want anyone to feel left out. Don't worry, I won't tell them. It must be genetic, when I saw that full marathoners get a jacket I thought about switching distances!
    It will be another fun race weekend!