Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again!

Monday's workout: 3.2 mile run
Tuesday's workout: Running around the parking lot with GOTR

We ended the weekend at the Bengals v. Browns game. It was nice to have something fun to look forward to. We had a great time and enjoyed an exciting Bengals win!

Monday's run felt hard. I was still exhausted from the previous week (and very busy weekend), but i was glad I at least got a few miles in. Sometimes I feel like any run less than 6 miles isn't worth it, but that's not a very good way to think. And that is definitely not what I would tell my friends if they asked me.

Tuesday was my first day coaching GOTR for the season. It actually started last week, but with all the family stuff going on I was unable to make it.

These girls just know how to make your day!

We have several girls returning from previous seasons. I think some of them have grown a foot since I last saw them!

This is going to be an amazing season, I can tell already!

I have plans to run with my friend Ben after work. Hopefully he forces me in to running some "fast" miles - if I can keep up with him!

On a completely different note...
My company announced today that associates that are tobacco users (if they are enrolled in our benefits program) will have to pay a surcharge starting January 1, 2013. Anyone else have a similar policy at their company? Personally, I think it's brilliant, however, do you think associates will be honest?

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