Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ladder Track Work Out

Tuesday: TIU Full Body Toning at lunch, 4 mile track work out after work

I was pretty frustrated about not getting a work out in on Monday night, but it turned into a nice evening with K. He didn't have class (thank you, Fall Break!), so we got to wander around Home Depot and catch up on some shows.

I decided to make the most of my lunch hour on Tuesday and sneak in some toning.

I only got through it 3 times before I had to shower and get back up to my desk.
And I promise you, it's harder than it looks.

Last night we were back at the track for possibly the last time this year. Since it is getting close to most people's fall races, we did a ladder work out of longer distances.


Since I just raced this past weekend I wasn't too concerned about times. I wanted to run, but didn't want to push myself too much. I was very consistent with 2:00 per lap on just about every loop around the track. I did a quarter mile warm up and cool down as well.

My body has fully recovered (minus the banged up knees) from the trail race. By Monday night I was feeling much better, but I still think it was the hardest race I have done.

It makes me sad that track may be over for the season - I might have to throw in some speed work on the treadmill to help fill the void!

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