Friday, October 4, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho A Trail Running I Go

Thursday: Body Blast class at lunch

I had planned to run last night, but after getting my booty kicked boxing Wednesday night and at Body Blast yesterday at lunch, I decided to let my foot (and the rest of my body!) have a little rest time.

Not to mention that Saturday I will be running my first trail half marathon, so I want to make sure my foot is feeling as good as it can going into the race!

That's right, I decided to go for it! I have run a 20K trail race, but a half marathon is 21K, so it will be a PR no matter what. I have no delusions, trail races are much harder than road races, so I know my time will be much slower than a road race.

All I know about the course is that it is 90% dirt and grass and 10% pavement or gravel. 
And let's remember that I have not trained on one single trail. 
 I hope I don't get lost!

Sounds like an adventure to me!

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