Thursday, October 3, 2013

Garmins & Upcoming Giveaway!

Tuesday: 6 mile run outside
Wednesday: 1 hour kickboxing class

Tuesday night there was no track work out.
You know I love the track, so this totally bummed me out at first.
But then I heard that a Garmin Rep would be at Mojo so we could test some watches.

Since mine continues to look like this:

I was excited to see some newer models, my Forerunner 305 is probably about 6 years old. We didn't get test the brand new Garmin 220 and 620 which was a little disappointing. 

 It was nice to change it up on a Tuesday night, and with my next half marathon this weekend, no track work out wasn't such a bad thing. We also got to see the new Premier Physical Therapy location in the Mojo triplex. This place is going to be amazing! On Saturdays after running club they are going to have ice baths, stretching and other PT services available.
I think I'll wait at least til spring for my first ice bath!

Spin classes are also being offered. They will have a handful of spin bikes but also have trainers so you can do the class on your own road or tri bike. They are also offering bike storage and valet. Brilliant!

I did my first Kickboxing class at a boxing gym last night.
Holy amazing!
I'll give you a rundown on that next week.

Also next week a giveaway is coming! Here's a hint:

I might be just a little obsessed! Check back next week!

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