Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, October!

Tuesday: TIU thighs and Sunkissed abs

I went back to the doctor yesterday afternoon for a recheck on my foot.
He said my strength was good and if I made it 13.5 miles on Saturday, then go ahead and keep running!

However, my foot was fairly sore after all the poking and prodding, so I kept my workout light on my foot with the TIU thigh and sunkissed abs routines.

Then I got to spend some time with my former roommate, her hubby and this cutie pie.

I mean, seriously, those cheeks! (the picture doesn't do them justice!)
I could squeeze 'em all day long!

It's October, which in my mind means it is finally Fall.
Yes, I know it has already officially been Fall for a couple of weeks now, but I refused to admit it.

I love running in the fall.
The colors. Capri tights. Long sleeve shirts with thumb holes. Cool, crisp air.
It's just perfect.

I can't wait to get out tonight to run!

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