Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Monday's workout: A variety of at home exercises via my friend Pinterest.
 all-over workoutWork outArms

Tuesday's workout: 4.5 mile run.

I have decided for the month of May (which I realize will be over as soon as I blink) I am leaving my Garmin at home. I don't want to be obsessed checking my pace, I just want to get some miles in.

I got to run with my friend Kelly on Tuesday and Thursday I have a run planned with another friend. What a great week!

Tuesday's dinner was both roommate and boyfriend approved! Chicken mini meatloaves - recipe adapted from Cook Yourself Thin. I make mine in a muffin tin and actually doubled the recipe using ground chicken this time. I doubled the recipe so there would be leftovers for lunch for all three of us. Yum!

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