Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend In Review

I need to get better about posting. At least then I'm not trying to remember everything I wanted to post about!

Friday I was planning to swim after an eye doctor appointment in the afternoon, however Mr. Eye Doctor decided to go ahead and remove this pesky little thing from my eye. So almost 3 hours after arriving at Mr. Eye Doctor's office I was on my home with a sore eye. Chlorine + eye surgery = not a good idea. I did get partake in a little retail therapy with Sarah though!
Pretty and red. Please excuse the need for an eyebrow wax.

Saturday morning's forecast predicted 100% chance of rain. And rain, it did! I ran 13 miles with a few people I knew but not very well. New people always help the miles fly by since you have so much to talk about. We hit a big hill around mile 6 - perfect training for the Pig. I struggled up the hill and as soon as I got to the top, we turned and faced a massive headwind. It was a hard run, we pushed the pace and the wind and rain added to the difficulty, but I felt great afterwards. I honestly can't even remember at what mile it started raining, I just know I looked like a drowned rat by the time I finished. Thankfully I had a dry shirt and fleece in my car.

Marc greeted me at home, took my sopping wet clothes for me and said "You know, B, I was thinking. You are a pretty hardcore runner." That was the nicest thing he could have possibly said to me at that moment.

Then it was time to dry out and warm up.

Marc's boot warmer/dryer comes in handy after rainy runs!

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