Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Finally Arrived

14.5 windy, hilly, chilly miles, but Saturday's run was awesome!

I'm not going to lie - a little part of me was hoping the roads would be bad so I would have an excuse to go back to bed.

The windchill was 0 degrees when I got up, but rose to a whole 1 degree by the time I left my house.

I had so many layers on I was almost afraid of getting too warm. The wind was blowing at 20 mph though, so I quickly realized I needed all of the layers!

We met downtown and ran the first 9 or so miles of the Flying Pig course. Which of course includes lots of bridges which are always colder and windier.

I felt strong the entire run despite being sick, the wind and the cold.

Unfortunately our trail run was canceled for Sunday morning. The trail is very technical and just too dangerous in icy conditions. My klutzy self should probably be thankful!

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