Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Hips

Yesterday was a "rest" day.

I wish that meant getting in my pj's after work and not moving from the couch.

What it did mean:
Riding in the car with a 16 year old with her temps (her car, not mine)
Sharing a LaRosa's pizza with 2 giggly teenage girls

Getting my yoga on
Not going to bed until almost midnight (WAY past my bedtime)
Cow Face Pose

Back to the yoga...I finally did it! I know it was one of my goals this year to do it more often. I'm sort of slacking at that right now. However, I found a hip opener series (via Pinterest, of course!) and decided to give it a go.
My hips have always been really tight, but I do notice improvement when I am practicing yoga regularly.

Apparently we store our negative emotions in our hips. Who knew?

Now I have happy hips.

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