Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recipe to Refuel

I am blessed to have such wonderful and talented people in my life to call friends...and here is another one, the multi-talented Sarah (and Sidney's boyfriend's mom) from this amazing little blog. My mouth is already watering from this recipe and I can't wait to try it!

1.  Grill steak to your liking...after  cooked, cut the steak into bite size pieces.  Keep warm.

2.  To make corn relish, heat olive oil into a large skillet over  medium heat.  Add corn kernels, tomatoes, cilantro, salt and pepper.   Cook for 5 minutes, until warm and fragrant.

3.  Spread butter onto one side of a tortilla.  Place butter side  down onto a large skillet over medium heat.  Sprinkle one side of  tortilla with goat cheese, then a couple spoonfuls of chopped steak.   With a spatula, fold tortilla over filling and cook each side until  browned and crisp.  Transfer to a plate and top with spoonfuls of Corn Tomato Relish.

I served these with some Mexican rice (an accomplishment in it's self) chips and guacamole.  For some reason, I can NOT make rice.  Every time I make it it sticks to the bottom of the pan.  I think I get too impatient or distracted and don't stir enough.  However, this time it managed to go very smoothly! 


Wow, looks deeeelish, huh?! Whoever makes these next, make sure to invite me over!

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