Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stupid...Crazy...or Determined?

Sitting in the car on my way to our annual family trip outside of Pittsburgh, PA this weekend I read an article in Runner's World "Foul Weather Friend". This quote made me think back to my run on Tuesday "Misery may love company, but stupidity loves it even more".

Three to five inches of snow were predicted to fall throughout the day. By 4:30 when we usually run about 4 had fallen. We decided to go for it. It wasn't all that cold out and it seemed like an adventure! We set out on a route we thought would be fairly safe, although we knew none of the sidewalks would be cleared. We stepped onto the covered sidewalks and couldn't stop laughing at ourselves.

It felt was like running on a slippery Bosu ball the entire time. Every time my foot planted on the ground it slid one way or another. I could definitely feel it in my legs. It was a different type of running workout! Due to the slipping we cut it short and only did a little over 3 miles.

Last week I took some time off to try to refocus (weather, traveling and celebrating birthdays also had something to do with it!). Training has become quite the balancing act and I've been falling quite a bit. There are so many things to think about and I want to make sure I keep my priorities straight. Luckily I have amazing people in my life that understand and aren't afraid to say something when they see my priorities shifting in the wrong direction.

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