Monday, January 24, 2011


I had been out of bed for at least 5 minutes yesterday morning when I realized I was walking slightly hunched over at the abdomen. I forced myself to stand up as straight as I could and sounded like an 80 year old woman getting out of a chair. My abs are so sore I can barely stand up straight. Having sore abs is a badge of honor for me. It's proof I worked out hard and proof I'm getting stronger. But I have NEVER been this sore.

Sunday is yoga day. Laying flat on my mat proved just as difficult as an inversion for me. The difficulty I was having made me laugh. Then my abs hurt worse. So I laughed even harder. I laughed really hard when my sister called in the middle of yoga (oops, forgot to put the phone on silent!) and she serenaded all 15 yogis with her fabulous rendition of You Are My Sunshine.

Today is going to be a rest day. I'm focusing on stretching my abs, sitting up nice and tall and drinking lots of water to ease the muscle soreness.

I was fitted for a bike this weekend and discovered that I will be able to take advantage of a fabulous deal on an awesome bike. Special thanks to my personal bike broker Andrea! I keep daydreaming about the bike. Now I am one step closer to registering for the MS 150 with Spinners for the Cure!

Somehow I managed to fall on the slippery snow this morning. I can run several miles on 5 inches of snow, but with accumulation at less than an inch I manage to fall while walking to the dumpster. The mark my body left in the snow made me giggle - and then my abs hurt again. It's a vicious cycle. Sidney did slip and almost fall which is very surprising since I believe she is part mountain goat. Maybe I can really blame this one on the snow and not my clumsy nature.

Here's to a day of rest!


  1. B, B, B!!! Your mail couldn't have come at a funnier point. I was sitting at work, bored out of my mind, thinking that I'd need a new challenge for 2011. Having started running in 2010 and completed my first 5k and 10k, I need something new. So... I started debating on whether or not to start training for a half-marathon. I was tending towards the ''re crrraaazy, gurrrl!!!' but reading your blog is inspiring (and anyways, how lazy does that make me look, a half, Miss 5-Marathons???), so I shall re-consider.
    I'm immensely proud of you!!! Keep running and telling us about it, I can't wait to read your next entry. Lots of love. JenJxx

  2. JennyJ! That is awesome! You are amazing, I know you can do it. Hopefully one day we will be on the same continent and able to do a race together! Love and miss you. xoxo.