Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speed work

I had the cutest speed work partner ever last night! No offense to my Running Girls of course!

I mean, seriously, how cute is this face?

It was warm out so I decided to try Sid's new Gentle Leader that Marc got us for Christmas (in pink of course so I would want to use it more!). We had a few minor issues such as the flock of geese and running past the dog park, but her pace kept me moving!

We did 3/4 mile repeats in my neighborhood. They weren't very exciting, but I wanted to be able to drop her off at home if her feet started bleeding. She is my princess after all!

Once Sid realized we were running and not just running to the dog park she did pretty well. After we did several miles I took her to the park and she just kept on sprinting. I wish I had her endless energy and lung capacity.

Sid took a nice nap when we got home while I went to the grocery store, made homemade pizza for dinner and organized my coupons. I guess she deserved the nap with the extra sprints she did at the park after our run.

Today was a LONG day. I'd like to be going out for a margarita or sit on the couch and eat some ice cream...but I'm off to Spinning! This will be my first Spin class at my new-ish gym. The first class is always awkward, but luckily I am meeting Sarah there so we can be awkward together.

Last night was a BIG night in the Ellis-Crosby household. Marc and I are both officially signed up for our first MS 150 Pedal to the Point with Spinners for a Cure (more about that later!) and the Warrior Dash in June! I might be rubbing off on Marc finally!

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  1. WOO-HOO! You guys will love the ride, and I am SO excited to have you there with us.

    Also, what time slot did you sign up for at Warrior Dash? My mom is signed up for 1:30 on Sunday.